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Ditch the browser print & Take your SharePoint printing to the next level. 

Print multiple file formats and multiple files how and when you decide. You'll no longer need to convert file type, wait on prints or struggle to organize your print selection. 




Multiple Plan Options

Tech Support

Quick & Easy Setup



Batch Printing. 

Group and print a wide variety of documents together

List Printing.

Print an entire list of documents-without the browser

Printing Queue.

Select a list or choose one or more single documents to send to the queue, where you can choose to print them when you're ready


Supported File Types

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, TXT, HTML, PNG, GIF, JPEG, MSG, EML

Supported Browsers

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge

SharePoint Versions

SharePoint Online: All & SharePoint OnSite: 2010, 2013, 2016




Can I print multiple documents at once?

Yes, you can select one or multiple documents in a SharePoint library and click the Print button displayed in the ribbon. 

Can I customize the printing properties such as page size and orientation?

You can customize the printing properties in the cloud version of SharePoint Printing.

Can I print documents from different libraries?

You can use the Queue option to send a reference to the documents for temporary central repository, then you can print these documents at any time even if they live in different libraries. 

Can I print item attachments from a SharePoint list?

Yes, this option is available from the ribbon. If one item has multiple attachments you can also select the attachments that you want to print, however you can’t send these attachments to the queue.

Can I print item properties from a SharePoint list?

Yes, you'll need to select the option Print from the item menu, as this option does not exist in the ribbon. 

Can I print non-standard documents created by third-party software?

Printing services will try to find the default application used to open non-standard document and use that application to print the document, and depending on the application configuration and its printing capabilities, the document may or may not be able to be seamlessly printed. 

Can I select the page that I want to print from the Printing application?

No, the application will print the entire document. 

Which browsers can be used?

The cloud version of SharePoint printing allows you to use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge. The on-premise version of our product uses ActiveX controls which can be launched only from Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge browsers. 

Can I access another people’s queue?

No, the queue is personal. Every user will have access to only their own queue.


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