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Quick trouble-shooting


Can I print non-standard documents created by third-party software?

Printing services will try to find the default application used to open non-standard document and use that application to print the document, depending on the application configuration and it’s printing capabilities, the document may or may not be able to be seamlessly printed. 

Why do I get a window stating that I don’t have the client components installed when I try to print a document?

When you print for the first time you need to install the client components in the local computer. After this installation you shouldn’t receive this message anymore. If you still see this message and the application is already installed, it means the application cannot be started from the current browser, in that scenario you need to check if your current browser is compatible. You can do that here.

The application launched correctly, and I've been a valid user before, but I still can't print correctly.

In most cases, the application can’t be started properly because the user credentials changed, in this case you need to delete the file client.key then the application will request you to enter the credentials again.

Can I manage the licenses I assign to users?

Printing services will automatically assign a license to a user every time they try to use the product for the first time, in case that you need to reassign these licenses you can go to site settings at the site collection level, then navigate to Printing Services Settings, then click Reset all Licenses in Use.


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